Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Wireless Charger For Your Smartphone

DIY Wireless charger for Smartphone

Wireless inductive charging has taken the world by storm. However, the lack of a wireless charging standard poses a significant difficulty in its wide scale adoption. Instead of buying a new wireless charger, you can build one at home. All you need is a CNC router and a charging kit.


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Image Source: Digital Trends


Watch this video from Make Magazine explaining the DIY wireless charger:



You need to sketch the dimensions of your charger as well as the hollow space inside to put the wireless inductive charging kit inside. Next, the design is translated into the tool paths for the CAM software.

You can customise your wireless charger by opting for different woods like maple and walnut or give your wireless charging box a new look by adding your favourite quote on it.


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Image Source: Make Magazine


If a CNC router is not handy, go for the wooden block and shape it with a drill press, Forstner bit, and chisel.

Enjoy freedom from the tangled wires with your DIY wireless charger.

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