SoloBucket Is Your Portable Solar Power Plant

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For the love of camping, a traveler can tolerate almost anything; yet, living without electrical power can be the hardest part. There are numerous devices solely made to tackle this problem like battery banks, rechargeable torches, and solar-powered lights. But who would want to carry so many extra gadgets? You need not worry anymore because SoloBucket is the ultimate solution. It is a power plant that fits in a bucket and can be set up by any lay person, without instructions, in seconds. It comes with flexible solar panels, lights, connectors, battery and chargers.

Source: Dumont Power
Source: SoloPower

Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Solopower Systems Inc. is a pioneer company in high-performance thin-film solar materials. It is also a large-scale manufacturer of flexible ultra-lightweight CIGS photovoltaic products. SoloBucket is their new kit containing all tools to set up a power plant, specifically designed for off-grid areas in rural Asia and Africa.

Source: Dumont Power

The complete package comes with flexible Photovoltaic (PV) technology solar panels, Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, lights and various other accessories. Even with all the equipment mentioned above, the 25-litre SoloBucket weighs less than 10 kg. The durable CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) SP1 solar panel can produce energy in daylight at any angle. DC lights are also included with the package. This product can directly power any 12 Volts DC appliance. Similarly, to provide power to an AC device, a simple DC/AC inverter may be used.

SP1 Solar Panel
Source: SoloPower

The light weight and portability of the SoloBucket are its biggest advantages over all comparable technologies. The system may not be as robust as the rooftop power plants, but it can be charged fully in three hours. When fully charged, the battery has enough juice to power LED lights for 10 hours, charge five smartphones or power a TV for three hours.

If the company’s plan to work with nonprofit organizations works well, you might be able to buy the SoloBucket soon for the price of a smartphone.

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