NASA Creates A $100 Self-sharpening Knife That Would NEVER Need Replacement

NASA knife2

A blunt knife is one of the most annoying things, especially when you are in dire need to chop something up fast. Worry no more because NASA’s self-sharpening knife will surely make the need to sharpen your knives an event of the past.

The creators claim that the cutting-edge blade, ‘KNasa Chef Knife,’ is twice as sharp as any other blade. It can also stay sharp five times longer than that of an ordinary knife. This innovation may be the first real change for knives in over 200 years. The blade is made of an ultra-hard alloy, courtesy the researchers at California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Pic Credits: KNASA/BNPS

Engineers have recently tested the design at NASA. The knife has a blade projected at 25-degrees (12.5 degrees on each side) which make it thinner leading to a more precise cut. The blade is self-sharpening as on the usage of this knife, new teeth are exposed.

It is one of the unique pieces, as it is not only harder than any contemporary steel knife; but it can also resist rusting. Created by California-based Habitat, the knife is twice as strong as titanium.

Pic Credits: KNASA/BNPS

CEO of Habitat Adam Ackerman talked about his invention:

‘The knife’s cutting edge is made from a patented ultra-hard alloy that was developed by Caltech and tested by Nasa.It’s twice as strong as titanium. Habitat has bonded it to a stainless steel knife body using our new patent-pending laser bonding technology.”

Pic Credits: KNASA/BNPS

“This represents the first true innovation in knife-making in over 200 years. With a Rockwell hardness greater than 70, the knife’s nano serrations give the blade unparalleled cutting performance. The knife becomes shelf sharpening as new teeth are exposed through use.”

He added,

“It is twice as sharp as other knives and five times as durable. The cutting edge features a 25-degree angle (12.5 degrees on each side). For ordinary stainless steel knives, that would mean it’s not going to be very durable, because with such a thin blade it’s going to wear quickly. But thanks to this ultra-hard alloy, our knife is in fact much more durable than other knives.”

Blade becomes self-sharpening as new teeth are exposed through use Pic Credits: KNASA/BNPS

“And thanks to its nano-serrations, the knife can also be used as a serrated knife – it works well on foods such as meat and hard-crusted bread that traditionally have been cut with serrated knives. Our team has spent several years developing this knife. By enlisting the world’s brightest minds, including manufacturing partners, material specialists, designers, NASA engineers, and supply chain experts, we have revolutionised the kitchen knife as we know it.”

Habitat hopes they can start selling their knives by May this year while putting the retail price at under $100 (£82).

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