Smarty Ring Keeps You Updated Without Having To Touch Your Phone

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An average mobile user checks his or her mobile phone every 6 minutes. That’s about 150 times a day. With the Smarty Ring, phone users can save both time and battery life by not needing to take their phones out of their pockets. The Smarty Ring manages all your incoming smartphone alerts and allows you to stay connected and perform basic tasks discreetly.

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The Smarty Ring can connect with any Android or iOS device with Bluetooth 4.o capabilities. The ring informs you of incoming and outgoing calls, texts, emails and updates from Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Hangout. The basic controls which can be performed include accepting or rejecting incoming calls, making calls to preset numbers, changing phone profiles, triggering the camera and controlling the music player.

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The Smarty Ring keeps you up to date with your phone notifications as well times from two time zones, alarms, a countdown timer and a stopwatch. Users no longer have to search their purses or fiddle around to take their phones out of pockets with this ring.

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A great feature that the ring provides is that it acts as a phone locator and alerts you if you move farther than 30 feet away from your phone. The phone beeps even if it is in silent mode so you can easily locate it no matter where you are. This makes the Smarty Ring a great phone security system along with being a phone controller.



The elegant stainless steel design is waterproof and the battery lasts 24 hours. The ring’s settings can be changed using an app on your phone and the ring can be charged wirelessly. The wireless charger allows you to charge your Smarty Ring as well as your smartphone simultaneously.

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Despite all the features and the convenience the ring offers, Smarty Ring’s Indiegogo campaign isn’t going all too well. The campaign was launched on the 11th of November and has raised only $10,722 out of its target of $40,000 at the time of this writing. With only 66 hours left till the campaign closes (on December 11th), it seems difficult that it will reach it’s desired target. However, the good news is that the campaign is set up so that money will be collected even if the target is not reached and those who have booked Smarty Rings will still receive their orders. With a price of $175 for the entire Smarty Ring package (including remote and notifications) this ring is the best accessory for your phone.

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