Top 10 High Performance Laptops Of 2013


With almost an endless range of laptops available in the market today, shopping for a new laptop is a pretty difficult task. Fortunately, there are tons of online reviews available for new laptops, so you have an idea of what your getting before you even buy it. Planning to get a new laptop this season? You should buy one of these laptops for great performance and value for money.

10. Razer Blade (2013)


With the help of a 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics and a battery life of six hours, the Razer Blade gives you top notch gaming capability. The 14-inch screen means it’s a lot more portable than other high performance laptops. A small package that packs a lot of punch, the Razer Blade allows you to game while on the move. The only down side is the lack of Ethernet or an optical drive, but other than that this, the laptop has it all at a cost of $2000. You can get one here

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9. Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch


With a battery that lasts all day and a minimum amount of compromise, this entry level ultra-book is the best choice for those who are always on the go. The IdeaPad weighs less than any other ultrabook in its class. With a screen that has a 1600×900 resolution and a smartly located function keypad that is easy to use, this laptop truly is one of the best in the market. The only downside is that the speaker volume is low while motion and voice control could use some refinement. But with a price tag of $700, this ultrabook gives the most bang for your buck. You can get one here
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8. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431


For those of us who require a gdget that can perform all the basic functions, the ThinkPad is a no-nonsense laptop. With multimedia performance, a sturdy and comfortable keyboard, dual pointing devices (including a multi-touch trackpad) and fingerprint reader, this laptop is perfect for small business owners and students alike. The only cons are the low resolution (1366×768), middle level battery life and no visible distinction between the USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports (both are black). It surely is a great laptop for the price. You can get one here

7. Lenovo G580


A class-leading performer with an admirable feature set. This $479 laptop is not only affordable, it’s a solid performer which gives you most value for your money. The keyboard is fantastic and it comes with a removable battery. The only drawback for this entry-level device is the easily smudged chassis. The performance of the G580 is brisk compared to other notebooks and laptops in its class. This makes it an obvious choice for those of us looking for a laptop on a budget. You can get one here

6. Dell Inspiron 17-3721


The large screen, adequate performance and user-friendly features make this a great budget laptop. The budget price of $450 includes an HDMI outlet, Ethernet, DVD burner, numeric keypad, texture lid, palm rest and a removable battery. Not to mention the large screen is a great bonus for a laptop in this price range. The only drawbacks are the lack of a 1080p display and touch screen, while confusion between USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports is also possible (since both are black). You can get one here

5. Dell Inspiron 14R-5437


With a battery that lasts almost 10 hours, an optical drive, a removable battery and screen hinges that don’t cause the screen to bounce back, this Dell Inspiron model is a great desktop replacement. Well-equipped, well-made and well priced for $649, this laptop is the best all-rounder. The only drawbacks are the low resolution ( 1366×768) and the lack of a backlit keyboard which makes night time use a little difficult. Other than that, the performance of this laptop is more than reasonable at such a price. You can get one here
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4. Asus VivoBook V551LB-DB71T


With an Intel Core i7-4500U processor and Nvidia GeForce GT740 graphics, the VivoBook provides class-leading performance. This desktop replacement is surprisingly sleek for such performance specs. The battery life is enough to get you through even your busiest day and with the added plus of a touch screen, you can perform certain operations more swiftly than a normal laptop. With a cost of $1000, the only drawbacks this laptop has are a low resolution and a heavy weight which makes it slightly less portable. You can get one here
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3. Acer C7 Chromebook (C710-2055)


This new version of the C7 Chromebook is faster, longer lasting and better in almost every way than its predecessor. The added RAM allows for quicker performance, while the swappable 6-cell battery provides greater timing during travel. The big 320 GB hard drive (for a Chromebook) and a full selection of ports including Ethernet and VGA make this Chromebook more advanced than previous versions. With a price tag of $280, the C7 Chromebook is the best inexpensive Chromebook out there. The only drawbacks besides the inherited clunky design are the Chrome OS limitation and lack of 3G connectivity. You can get one here

2. Acer Aspire S7-392-6411


A laptop that provides good looks and even better performance, the Aspire S7 is a great contender in this list. The very pinnacle of today’s ultrabooks, this laptop shows the amazing genius that PC makers can provide under Intel’s increasingly limiting standards for ultrabooks. The battery life is good, the build quality is excellent, the design is thin and light, a full size HDMI port is available, the laptop almost instantly comes to life, and supports 2.4 and 5 GHz Wifi. This laptop is the best of the best with a price of $1450. The drawbacks are the odd keyboard layout, a SSD array that could be larger and the extreme thinness which is costly at times. You can get one here
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1. Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (2013)


A high-end desktop replacement laptop with an updated Intel process and speedier Flash storage. The MacBook Pro 15-inch (2013) leaves the competition in dust with the performance class of a workstation. The amazing retina display provides greater than 1080p quality, making it one of the best HD displays on laptops today. Two Thunderbolt 2 ports, HDMI, a 9-hour battery life and iLife and iWork software suites make this deal even sweeter. The Intel Iris Pro graphics perform similar to GPUs and the only drawbacks are the glossiness of the display and the fact that the Ethernet requires an adapter. The Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (2013) comes with a price tag of $1999. You can get one here
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