Smart Fan Blows Air in Your Direction And Shuts down When You Leave The Room

Iris Ohyama fan

Imagine you are sitting alone in a room with a rotating fan and are too lazy to get up and stop it from rotating. It is blowing air in every direction before turning towards you for a moment after which it rotates away again. We have all been there and we have all wondered why the heck can’t this fan realize where I’m sitting and concentrate on blowing air in that direction? The answer comes from a Japanese manufacturer by the name of Iris Ohyama.

Iris Ohyama fan2Iris Ohyama has designed a fan that comes with a built in sensor (infrared). This sensor is capable of detecting when a person is in range before it starts blowing the person with air. The fan also comes with an auto-switch off option which renders it off when the person leaves the room (hmmmm, interesting). The gadget is being called; ‘Human-sensing Oscillating Fan’ model no: LFDJ-301K

The gadget comes with a price tag of 18,000 yen/ $176 and currently there are no plans to introduce it to other countries. That’s a bummer, wouldn’t you agree? The company has speculated that they will be selling about 25,000 of these fans by April, 2015. The infrared bar sits below the fan and can determine the heat signature of the area around it. The fan, upon detecting a human, will start blowing air in the direction where it detects the heat signature.

Iris Ohyama fan3The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted and there are three levels to select from. This makes sure that the fan is detecting the right things and doesn’t start blowing air without any person in the room. Upon detecting more than one person, the fan blows air in directions of each one of them. If no one is in the range for about a minute, the fan will shut down automatically thus, saving the electricity and cutting down the electricity bill.

Iris Ohyama fanNow the only question is; when will this gadget be shipped to other countries? We will ask the manufacturer and update the section here.

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