25 Useful Gadgets That Every Kitchen Needs To Have

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Kitchen is a place, which is a workshop for both men and women. Therefore, both sexes take equal interest when it comes to gadgets that can be used in kitchen. However, nowadays one can find all kind of expensive gadgets, which might not be very useful. So what did we do? We compiled a list of 25 gadgets which cost under $25 and very useful for you. Enjoy the list!

25. Casabella Silicone Microegg

25. Casabella Silicone MicroeggYou want sandwich which is perfect and all the ingredients are perfectly shaped? Then you need to purchase this gadget. It allows you to cook a square egg by making use of microwave and takes about 60 seconds to do so. The cost for this gadget is $7.64. You can get one here

24. Keebler Personal Pie Maker

24. Keebler Personal Pie MakerThis gadget will allow you to make 4 pies at a time that are the size of 3-5 bites and can be used to make meat pies and apple pie simultaneously. It allows you to make a meal in minutes and with diversity. The gadget will cost you $18.99. You can get one here

23. Silvermark Grater Tongs

23. Silvermark Grater TongsThis gadget is basically a two in one gadget where grater and tongs have been combined for your convenience. This allows for less cleaning effort when you are done with the cooking. The gadget will cost you $8.93. You can get one here

22. Dip Clips

22. Dip ClipsThis is the perfect gadget for those who like to eat with sauces and dips. These attach to the plate and are secure and able to hold one third-cup of sauce. The price for this gadget is $9.38. You can get one here

21. Joseph Joseph Folding Colander

21. Joseph Joseph Folding ColanderWhen you have a small kitchen then you want things that can be easily stored and don’t take up much storage space in the process. This colander is the gadget for you; it will fold flat when it is not needed and its hinges are sturdy. The gadget will cost you $19.95. You can get one here

20. Chef’n StemGem

20. Chef'n StemGemEating strawberries like they do in the movies isn’t how most of the people eat them and this gadget will make sure you don’t do much of an effort. It removes the stem of strawberry without damaging the love fruit itself and well this is a must have. The gadget will cost you $6.76. You can get one here

19. Bella Cucina Donut Maker

19. Bella Cucina Donut MakerIt will give you results in minutes and makes 7 donuts at a time. There is no frying of any kind involved and if you love donuts than this is the gadget right here for you. The mini donut factory shall cost you $19.37. You can get one here

18. Joseph Joseph Square Colander

18. Joseph Joseph Square ColanderOnce again, another variation on the colander; this time it is a square design with a vertical handle which allows it to stand freely. The square design allows you to use it without sacrificing much of space. This gadget will cost you $11.99. You can get one here

17. Tovolo Silicone Vegetable Steamer

17. Tovolo Silicone Vegetable SteamerDo you like vegetables? This gadget can handle a temperature up to 600 degrees F and employs the use of a 10” surface made of silicon to allow you to make your meal. Once the food is done, you can make use of interlocking handles to pick it up and serve the meal. The gadget will cost you $15.99. You can get one here

16. Trudeau Toss and Chop Salad Tongs

16. Trudeau Toss and Chop Salad TongsAgain a two-in-one gadget that will chop and mix your salad in the bowl without much of an effort. The gadget comes with soft grip handles and stainless steel blades. The gadget will cost you $15.58. You can get one here

15. Brieftons Spiral Slicer

15. Brieftons Spiral SlicerIf you know how to use a sharpener for pencil then this gadget won’t be a problem for you. Just insert the vegetable in and twist it to get spaghetti-ish strips of vegetables. A myriad of presentation options are present as well now, ain’t they? The gadget will cost you $23.50. You can get one here

14. Food Huggers

14. Food HuggersWe all have at some point in our life, used half a vegetable or fruit and stored the remaining in our refrigerator with the hope of eating it later only to find out that it has been spoiled. However, this gadget (silicone caps) will cover the exposed part of the fruit/vegetable and will keep it fresh and from rotting. The gadget will cost you $19 for a set of four. You can get one here

13. Black Beauty Bottle Capper

13. Black Beauty Bottle CapperIf you didn’t finish your drink and placed it in the fridge then chances are it won’t taste the same the next time you try and drink it. The solution is this particular gadget which makes use of built in magnets and holds the cap in place while ensuring that it is crimped to the bottle. The gadget will cost you $15.90. You can get one here

12. Victorio Apple and Potato Peeler

12. Victorio Apple and Potato PeelerFeel like you are in a workshop when you make use of this peeler. Although it looks like a tool that belongs in the workshop, no doubt, but believe us this will make your life a paradise. The gadget will cost you $23.14. You can get one here

11. Joseph Joseph Food Station

11. Joseph Joseph Food StationCooking for a large family? Then you have probably faced the issue of chopping raw materials and how it becomes a problem when you have large quantities to chop. However, this cool gadget will allow you to makes use of glass chopping board along with three colored mats which you can use to chop stuff. The gadget will cost you $20.36. You can get one here

10. Norpro EZ Jalapeno Corer

10. Norpro EZ Jalapeno CorerThis gadget won’t be used on a daily basis but you are you going to be happy when you do need it and you have got it with you. It comes with stainless steel blade and is capable of removing a jalapeno’s core and seeds in mere seconds. The gadget will cost you $7.23. You can get one here

9. Chef’n Bananza Banana Slicer

9. Chef'n Bananza Banana SlicerAlthough there’s not much you can do with a banana (it is as simple as they come already) but at times, you need to cut it into slices and this gadget will do that for you in about two seconds. The gadget uses dull stainless steel so it’s safe to use by kids even.  The gadget costs $9.99. You can get one here

8. Herb Scissors

8. Herb ScissorsWhen you’re cooking the time is of essence and one must accomplish tasks in the minimal time and that is where this particular gadget comes in. The gadget costs you $9.95. You can get one here

7. Amco Rub-Away Bar

7. Amco Rub-Away BarWhen you are cooking, you have to deal with ingredients that will leave a odour on your hands. So basically this gadget will help you to get rid from the odour. The gadget will cost you $7. You can get one here

6. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

6. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich MakerFor all those who are single/students, this is the dream machine. The gadget will make you breakfast in a single go; toast your bread, cook your eggs, heat the cold cuts and voila! The sandwich is ready within mere minutes. The gadget will cost you $24. You can get one here

5. OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

5. OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado SlicerAvocado is more than just an ingredient; it has many uses and is really beneficial to your health. This gadget will allow you to split, pit and slice it with ease. The gadget costs $9.99. You can get one here

4. Easy Tool Pineapple Corer

4. Easy Tool Pineapple CorerLove pineapple but are too lazy to knife it? Then get this gadget for $5.97 that will let you core a pineapple in minutes and you will be the star of the party when you bring your pineapples out with meal! You can get one here

3. Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks

3. Bear Paw Meat Handler ForksLet’s eat some meat! The key to enjoying meat is to eat it like a wild animal and well, we all know someone who likes to eat that way and for that, you’ll need to maul the meat. This gadget will allow you to do that mercilessly! The gadget costs $12.95. You can get one here

2. Rice Cube

2. Rice CubeAlthough it is named Rice Cube, it can be used to make cubes out of a lot of stuff and this opens up a cabinet full of opportunities. Think cheese, potato and what not! The gadget will cost you $19.99. You can get one here

1. Sushezi Sushi Bazooka

1. Sushezi Sushi BazookaThis bazooka will blow you away with its ingenuity. The idea is to load it up with ingredients as per your choice and then fire it away onto a nori sheet after which comes the wrapping and the yummy part where you enjoy the meal. The best part, it costs only $24.99. You can get one here



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