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Sip Without Shame With These New Wine Bottle Stoppers Shaped Like Wine Glasses

Drinking wine right from the bottle is universally frowned upon. However, this does not imply you have to let go one of your guilty pleasures. While you might be thinking of indulging in private, Guzzle Buddy offers a simple solution to the social stigma.


Image Source: Guzzle Buddy


Guzzle Buddy is a wine glass alright; only it features a wine stopper on the bottom rather than a stem base.


Image Source: Guzzle Buddy


When inserted into the neck of your Chardonnay, Guzzle Buddy allows the users to sip their wine from the wine glass, just as if they were enjoying it right from the bottle.



An unexpected bonus is that no one else will ask you for a glass of wine from your bottle assuming that you must have back-washed into it repeatedly. Guzzle Buddy hangs a price tag of $22.



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