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The Spoon Has Been Reinvented With The Polygon Design

Polygons Flat Spoon4

What would you opt for; complexity or simplicity? We all know the answer, it is the simple things and simplistic designs that impress us more and that is exactly why Rahul Agarwal’s Polygons Flat Measuring Spoon design will be loved by you all. It is a flat polypropylene that is hinged at multiple points and this configuration allows it to be squeezed into 4 unique volume measurements.Polygons Flat Spoon2

The measurements supported range from a teaspoon to two tablespoon measurements and it all depends upon how you are picking it up. You don’t need to be an expert in origami in order to tinker with this thing. The process is as easy as holding the sides of the strip and squeezing. The volume varies in accordance with from where you are holding the strip and squeezing it. The folding of each measure is secure enough for you to use this with liquid or powder. Owing to the fact that the natural shape of this gadget is flat, it is easy to wipe away the residue from the Polygons spoon.

Rahul points at the spoon’s flat nature as being its key edge. It can be used as a bookmark for your cooking books or can be incorporated into the packaging of the medicines as well. Anyway, the simple geometry involved make it a pleasing gadget to the eyes.

As of now, it is just an idea, however, seeing how easy it is and the simplicity level of it warrants the fact that we’ll soon be seeing this in market.

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