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iPhone Screen Not Big Enough? This New Case Will Transform It’s Body Into A Touchscreen Too

Sensus Touch Sensitive Case

Sensus Touch Sensitive Case 6Smartphones were a big breakthrough when they were launched. It gave users the freedom that they craved for. Unlike other mobile phones which were present at that time, smartphones made it possible for the users to experience something completely new and exciting. However, as is with human nature, we want improved versions of everything. The screens keep getting bigger and the smartphones keep getting slimmer but we still stay unsatisfied. Currently, using iPhone for playing or reading a document is considered to be a bit tenacious since your fingers take up the screen and you are left with very little space.

This issue is what led Minneapolis based inventors to come up with a solution to this problem. They have proposed and executed a solution which allows the user to transform the back and sides of their smartphone into pads that are pressure sensitive and hence, render the whole phone touch sensitive.  Known as the ‘Sensus’ protective case, it will be able to work in conjunction with a number of apps, allowing the user to get the full view of screens without compromising on screen space.

This invention was revealed at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas and its creators say that this case offers the ‘best of protections and functionality’ and the best part is; it is still quite slim. The gadget’s version for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S will up for sale in summers for a price of $99. However, there is no news for sale in the UK yet.

The gadget has been designed by keeping gamers, social media addicts and business people in mind. This design will also facilitate those who are disabled. Let’s see what the gadget can do; you can take pictures by squeezing its sides and game maneuvers can be carried on the back of the case. There are two different kinds of sensors present on the case which are either capacitive or resistive.

The capacitive sensor relies on the change in capacitance of surface due to individual’s skin touch to pinpoint the touch location whereas the resistive sensor relies on the pressure. When used in conjunction, they render the case as sensitive as the phone’s screen itself.

User’s touch is recorded by the sensors and the information is relayed to the compatible apps which then react according to the touch. According to company; ‘Sensus gives interaction with apps a whole new variable and dimension that developers and users alike have never experienced before’

So folks, it will not only be protecting your smartphone from bumps and falls, but will also imparts the touch capability to the whole of your phone! As far as Android users are concerned, do not feel left out. The company has plans for coming up with cases for the Android and Windows phone as well.

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