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Lernstift – A Pen That Checks Your Spellings As You Write

pen for spelling check

Lernstift – a Pen That Warns for Mistakes 4At the present time, although we are all habituated to Auto-Correction system in almost all text processing computer programs but when we were kids and learning to write, there was nothing that could tip us off for our writing mistakes. Lernstift, one of Kickstarter crowd-funded scheme, has provided us a way out of this problem.

As per creators, Lernstift is the first ever brilliant pen with the entire tech and software is incorporated inside the pen body. It can be used individualistically or joined with various digital applications. A processor, motion sensor, WiFi, vibration module and a memory card is fixed inside it in a way to give it the shape of a pen. To add the excitement, the software is a Linux based.

The calculation of 2D path is done by Lernstift mathematically, that is, the recognition of hand-written letters. Owing to sensor noises and quite a lot of mathematical troubles, the making of such defined 2D path is not at all as simple as estimated.

The inventors collaborated with software designers for the computing engine of the pen. The handwriting recognition software was made by Munich-based entrepreneurs Daniel Kaesmacher and Falk Wolsky. When the user spells a word wrong, the pen alerts the user by a slight vibration. This engine was tried on lots of tablets and smartphones. The production of Lernstift will most likely start in the early 2014 and the initial price will be around 130-150 Euro.

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