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iTager Lets You Play Long Range Laser Tag Game

Laser tag is a marvelous sport and can result in time well-spent. But there are certain limitations that impede its advancement. What do you think will happen if the laser tag setup changed drastically? What if the setup was altered and included wireless systems that could work in all kind of weather conditions over a range of 760 meters? Meet the creators of iTager who claim that their system is capable of revolutionizing laser tag game. It can be easily mounted on the existing laser tag weapons or one can purchase the pre-installed rifles.

Lead developer Alexander Palamarchuk said, “During the last five years we have been collecting, improving, and experimenting with the commercial [laser tag] equipment and learning their weak points.” The team had to deal with a number of factors that were eventually overcome and included range, reliability, accuracy and damage resistance. A total of 5 working prototypes have been tested successfully in Russia.

iTager differs from the conventional systems being used at the laser tag arenas since it has cut the cable existing between the weapon and hit sensor, therefore imparting complete freedom to the user. The settings can be altered remotely through the embedded Wi-Fi and MESH networks for either the whole team or for the individual players. The lithium ion batteries can power the device for 50 hours of play time and let’s face it, even the most awesome and epic battle of all time won’t last that long!

The shooting, as of now, is not very sophisticated and players can only target one damage point. The hit sensor is wrapped around the head just like a headband. Sound effects played through the loudspeaker are embedded into the iTager system and can be amplified by using headsets for team chat. The system is also capable of streaming video, however, to keep the cost low no camera has been integrated into the system.

The computer/smartphone running the system can even track players’ position via GPS and is also capable of keeping a real-time scoring data of the match. The system offers 10 game modes to select from, including VIP escort, stalker and domination. iTager is currently raising funds on Kickstarter with a target of $30,000. Shipment is reported to begin in April.

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