Selling Car Parts: 5 Tips And Tricks

Selling car parts is a lucrative endeavour that businesses and individuals alike are taking on. Of course, it’s sometimes easier said than done. To help you out, here are some of the ways you can make the most of the car parts you’re selling:

  1. Learn More About What You Are Selling

While it’s a simple tip, knowing specific information about what you’re selling makes a big difference in the long run. You have to be aware of the kinds of products you’re offering and why your customers would be in need of them. It’s the common denominator among someone in charge of a dealership’s parts department, sellers specialising in car parts, and car wreckers Rotorua. Auto wreckers recycle vehicles and provide car parts in good condition.

When you know the ins and outs of your products, you’ll be able to provide the information your customers require. Car parts come in categories, so when you’re serving a new vehicle owner, you should be able to explain the external and internal parts, tools, and other accessories they might not yet be familiar with. You’re the seller, so you must be ready to accommodate all sorts of inquiries regarding the items you have in stock.

  1. Assess Your Prices

Pricing is another factor that pulls in customers, but it’s not always about what’s the cheapest because customers are a lot smarter and more careful these days. They want quality, and they won’t hesitate to purchase the best even if it’s a bit pricey. But if you want to ensure that you’re pricing your car parts right, you can reprice each product by breaking down your inventory.

There are different ways to do this: 

  • Base the price on the popularity of the part.
  • Set different prices for ordinary parts, accessories, and performance parts.
  • Take into account whether you’re dealing with a front or back counter customer.
  • Consider the cost of transportation and handling.

The pricing of smaller parts such as screws, nuts, and bolts should be updated, with the markup set to around $1 instead of somewhere around 20 cents. You can apply different pricing margins over various products if you’re selling them online to avoid overcharging.

  1. Select Popular Sales Channels

Businesses and individuals maintaining online stores have more chances of reaching out to customers than those who only have brick-and-mortar establishments, so it’s worth bringing your inventory to the Internet. There are many digital marketplaces and selling platforms you can choose from. Some have paid services, and others are for free. But taking advantage of both kinds may double your chances of making a profit.

The best e-commerce websites or online marketplaces are the go-to for people who prefer shopping online and want the conveniences that come with doing so. You can take advantage of the traffic primarily because people visit such platforms automatically instead of you waiting for them.

  1. Keeping In Touch With Your Customer Base

Customers that love your products are your lifeline. It’s essential to keep them up to date about and interested in your business. Newsletters, emails, and even flyers sent to their mailboxes are good sources of information on your business, whether you have new inventory, general news on the car parts industry, and other helpful information.

If you have an online store and social media channels, you can publish content to provide driving tips, news on car models, the best car parts on the market today, and more. Your customers may want to sift through information that can help them manage their vehicles. If you have new products coming in or perhaps sales and promos, those may also interest your customers.

  1. Sell Your Whole Junk Car 

If you’re a car owner and happen to have a junk car with a few details or parts that have to be removed beforehand, there’s a way for you to do away with it. Junk cars can be sold, and lucky for you when you already have a buyer.

But what if you find it a bit difficult to find a buyer? You can sell the car to wreckers that can take the vehicle. If you need the money right away or if you don’t want a junk car sitting in your garage for months, this is a fantastic option. Another alternative is junk shops, but they’ll likely offer less money if your vehicle doesn’t include some parts.

Another idea is offering your junk car to interested buyers online. You can scour ads or place a listing on free platforms or online classified ads so you can reach potential buyers right away.


There are many ways to sell car parts, whether you’re a business owner or a car owner who wants to make money out of an old or wrecked car. One of the easiest ways is to turn to wreckers that can offer cash for your vehicle regardless of its current condition. You can also opt to create listings or maintain an online shop where customers can see what you’re offering. The final decision is entirely up to you and what’s most convenient or suitable for your circumstances.

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