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See That Pot Hole? There Is A Millionaire’s House Down There And It’s Amazing

While all of us are busy paying our home mortgage fees and getting our home insurances done, there are millionaires out there who are buying these luxury bunker homes with spare cash.
Atlas Survival Shelters has produced these really awesome bunkers that are special because of the fact that they are underground bunkers. The bunkers have been made from corrugated pipe and are secretive, meaning you won’t be able to tell if there is a bunker underneath you except if you managed to find the door that led to it. But a word of advice before you buy one of these, get your home insurance done because these homes run a high chance of getting flooded in case of a heavy rain. So better have a good home insurance ready before you take the plunge.Atlas is building the shelters with a single entrance and double exits for cases where you might need to leave in a hurry and unnoticed.

The Atlas team will come over to the site once the excavation has been completed and it allows the pods to be custom built based upon the user’s requirements.

After placement, the team will make use of a mudroom and stairwell to move down and inside the pods.

Atlas has made sure that the bunker is spacious while customizing it to resemble like a home.

The master bedroom offers privacy and is also quite spacious while the children’s rooms are located on the opposite side of the shelter.

The bunker has laundry rooms and bathrooms that are completely equipped.

This desk can be used as your command center.

There’s a rechargeable battery bank located under the floor where there’s room for further storage.

There is an optional air purifier that can be used to clean the air in case the outside air gets unfit for breathing.

The kitchen is quite spacious and wide.

Side-by-side laying out can be carried out if more space is required.

You can even have a camera installed on the outside to make sure everything is in order.

The coolest part is probably the entrance.

So are you buying one of these on home mortgage soon? Let us know in the comments section.