10 Secret Underground Bunkers Around The World That Will Save Your Life During A Nuclear War

Secret bunkers

A lot of people prepare themselves for the worst in terms of natural disasters. They stock up on canned foods, generators, first aid kits and other things that can come in handy if a calamity strikes. But what if something worse than a natural disaster was about to hit your residence? There are many doomsday scenarios which have been portrayed in movies, book and articles all over the internet. The shelters shown below, can not only withstand natural disasters but even man-made disasters of apocalyptic proportions.

1. Svalbard Global Seed Vault (Norway)

doomsday_shelters (11)

This vault is located in the isolated arctic of Norway at a distance of only 810 miles from the North Pole. The vault acts like a Noah’s arc of vegetation and is designed to store and protect countless types of seeds.

2. Denver International Airport (Colorado)

doomsday_shelters (10)

This airport is one of the world’s largest and busiest. The airport covers 53 square miles and is rumored to contain a bunker underneath the buildings that stands above the plain. Five buildings are said to have been built “incorrectly” and then new buildings placed on top of them.

3. The Shanghai Complex (China)

doomsday_shelters (9)

Most of the details of this facility have been kept hidden but what is known is that the bunker covers one million square feet and is capable of housing up to 200,000 people. The shelter has the ability to withstand blasts, nuclear radiation and poisonous gases.

4. Burling­ton Bunker (UK)

doomsday_shelters (8)

This is a 35 acre cold war city located 100 feet beneath the surface of Corsham. The site was built by the British government in 1950 and code named Burlington. The shelter could accomodate 6,000 people for 3 months and withstand nuclear strikes.

5. The Greenbrier Bunker (Virginia)

doomsday_shelters (7)

The US government built an addition to this hotel in 1958 and in exchange, they were allowed to build a 120,000 square foot bunker underneath it. The bunker remained a secret until 1990 when it was revealed and then decommissioned.

6. Iron Mountain (Massachusetts)

doomsday_shelters (6)

This underground fortress was originally built by an enterprise information management services company. Although not originally intended to be a survival bunker, place is ranked as one of the most secure places on the planet. The fortress takes up 10,000 square feet in a 1,000 acre limestone mine.

7. The Moscow Metro (Russia)

doomsday_shelters (5)

This subway system is also a large subterranean system of secret trains and bunkers. It is a hidden city underneath Moscow. Most of the Metro was built by Stalin during the Cold War.

8. Raven Rock Mountain Complex (Pennsylvania-Maryland)


There are five, three-story buildings in the complex meant to relocate the the pentagon site. The facilities in this complex contain everything you could need including a dental clinic, snack bar, barber shop and even a Starbucks.

9. Cheyenne Mountain (Colorado)

doomsday_shelters (2)

Located 2,000 feet deep in granite, this facility was originally designed to withstand a 5 megaton nuclear explosion at a distance of 1.7 miles. This place is probably the safest in all of Colorado.

10. Mount Weather (Virginia)

doomsday_shelters (1)

This civilian command facility is a bunker and is also used as the command center for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Announcements made by the President or FEMA over the Emergency Alert System are most likely to come from here. The site has fortified building above the surface and underground bunkers as well.


  1. Brad Reply

    Who are the ‘Elite’ outside of government – WW3 Will make billionaires broke and real estate worthless.
    The great economic leveler.

    • Scott McMan Reply

      The “elites” control the world gov’s. It may seem like the president is at the top, but those in charge go nameless where it concerns control of the masses. Once these places are built and the list is put out, it won’t matter what happens to the money. The elites and gov people who serve them will be included in these lavish underground estates. It’s a fact that most superpower nations have built bunkers for millions of civilians, yet in America, it’s only those on top and celebrities who will survive. Maybe some beautiful women will be taken down to serve as mistresses, but most will be left to fend for themselves.

      • Randy Smith Reply

        my bunker will be the big drain pipe that run’s under the road way,yes.i’ll be shareing it with the frog’s and snakes that live there while the elite will be sipping champagne and caviar in their underground hotel.

  2. Joe Reply

    Only the rich and powerful and those of the government and their familys will have access to these bunkers. There is not enough room for the population so it is your power and riches that will get you into these bunkers. However these things will not get you into heaven.

  3. Pete R Reply

    Bunkers are for the power mad, elite, rich and high military, the food they store won’t last forever. Nuclear radiation can last for thousands of years. There will be nothing left above ground anyway, only total annihilation and darkness, so they are entombed in their underground coffins…..

    • Frank Reply

      Russia has civil defense for the common citizen including blast shelters. The US has NO civil defense for the American people. Read Cresson Kearney’s Nuclear War Survival Skills and quit listening to on the beach nutzs!

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  5. Arthur Robinson Reply

    The way it sounds to me, we are heading into a recurring “Polar Shift”
    Every Country has built underground cities..to hide from the Shift. Now take that to the Bank.

    • Truth Reply

      It could be anything could be the Thousand-Year storm or the Thousand Year drought thousand year drought brings the polar shift could be aliens coming from outer space to take over hahaha they could be once one nuclear warhead goes off they’re all going off screw the northern hemisphere for 10 years and they’re all going to go into hiding and screw the rest of the people because they don’t care about us but that’s cool I’m okay with it but know this the storm is coming there’s only one way to avoid avoid it put your faith in Jesus Christ he will protect you from the storm and if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior well that’s okay it didn’t change nothing remember you will bow to him

  6. TOM Reply

    I have a feeling all these places will have bunker buster warheads targeted at them. Maybe 4 or five per location. They will become one large oven and perhaps it’s best. But why do they fail the 2000 miles of hardened tunnels that China has been building since the 60’s

  7. Nope Reply

    These aren’t hidden locations ( to the person who said should keep them secret ) Best thing is to be at sea with the hoses firing up the side

  8. Bournemouth Airport Reply

    Hi Dear, are you in fact visiting this website daily, if so after that you will definitely get pleasant know-how.

  9. Chrissie Reply

    while I understand these places are definitely something to be admired, don’t you think it’s stupid to be sharing them and their locations on the World Wide Web if they are truly meant as hiding places in war?

    • Teresa Reply

      No because they don’t care . People like us won’t be getting in anyway . They are to protect the elite .

      • Dehliaa Lopez1 Reply

        My thoughts exactly. You remember…Romney’s 47%. The bunkers were never built for use by normal individuals, just those normal yet elite people anyway.

      • Mona Reply

        You are spot on! they are for the self-proclaimed “elite” as they screw everyone else to get to their 500 million. Who knows? Perhaps Hillary, obama, Soros and others will be in their own “situation room” with a screen to watch it all. Soros said he felt “empowered” to do what he did against the Jews during the Holocaust. (He was born Jewish but is atheist.) This would be a really big empowering ego boost.

        • Bow to me you dummies

          I will watch you all burn because I am God nothing can kill me.

    • Keefy Reply

      It is one thing knowing where it is, it is a completely different matter getting inside when it matters. You will have to join the rest of us who put our heads between our knees hold your head there with your hands and kiss one’s ass goodbye.

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    me, keep up posting these types of posts.

  11. Tammy Reply

    #5 The Greenbrier Bunker
    This actually located in West Virginia in Greenbrier County, not in Virginia

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