10 Incredible Home Designs Across The Globe

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People prefer different types of homes depending on their tastes. Some prefer modern homes, others rustic, while some just want to live in something different (like a Hobbit-hole). The homes below are different from the suburban houses and mansions we see everyday. These are the most unique homes in the world.

10. Traditional Icelandic Turf House (Iceland)

magical_homes (11)

9. Tetsu Teahouse (Hokuto, Japan)

magical_homes (10)

8. Maison de Sorcière (France)

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7. Moominhouse (Hann?, Japan)

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6. Whimsical House by Rustic Way (Minnesota, USA)

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5. Forest House (Efteling, The Netherlands)

magical_homes (5)

4. Treehouse (British Columbia, Canada)

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3. Victorian Cottage (Catskills, New York, USA)


2. Hobbiton Movie Set (Matamata, New Zealand)

magical_homes (2)

1. Abandoned Wooden House (Russia)

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