Take A Video Tour Of These Missile Silos That Have Been Converted Into Luxury Doomsday Bunkers

what is inside the doomsday bunker

A missile launch facility was turned into a $2 million luxury doomsday bunker complex. This video will be your only chance to see what is inside since all the units of the bunker are sold out. Missile launch facilities, also called underground missile silos, are cylindrical and verticle structures that are built underground for the storage and launch of the ballistic missiles. Some of these complex structures were made back in the 1960s and were sold later on after being abandoned. In one undisclosed location in Kansas, someone turned an abandoned silo into private and secret luxury doomsday bunkers. All the units of the bunker are already sold out.

The video description of the bunker states, “What would you need to live underground for up to five years? We went 90 feet into the Earth and toured what used to be a missile silo turned into the most luxurious doomsday bunker.” The construction of these bunkers is not ordinary. NASA scientists were consulted to built it, and everything was considered during the construction, like how to walk your dog and how to stay sane in small places. There are decontamination units, volcano ash cleaners, and things no one can believe can be found in these homes which are built to withstand the worst and keep the humanity alive. While they are robust, they are also comfy and luxurious at the same time.

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