Wonderful Engineering

This Innovative Bed Frame Has All The Items That Are Needed In A Room

Quirky architectural designs never cease to amaze us. Designers and architects have their work cut out for them. Being given a task to design a room to a client’s liking can sometimes become a very difficult task. Australian architecure design firm heri&salli has built a giant timber bed frame for a guest room. This was designed for the Gegenbauer Vinegar Brewery in Vienna. The designers created guest rooms in 5 small apartments in the Viennese apartment building, with the bare minimum of intervention. What’s exciting is that the main and practically the sole piece of furniture in the room is the so called Viennese Guest Bed.

The units feature a large bed constructed using an interlocking lattice of stacked timber beams. In addition, a central sleeping area and surrounding platforms help combine the functions of a guest room. To make the history of the house visible, the ceiling and floor surfaces have been left uncovered. Service pipes and cabling used in the construction are also on display. The use of wood continues throughout the unit making the wooden structure capable of being utilized in a variety of ways. The bathroom, too,  has a raw and rustic theme. Pretty cool, isn’t it?