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Have you ever thought of traveling or going on a vacation somewhere far away from home? You don’t need to worry for there is a wonderful place for you to visit. Vienna! As some of you might not know Vienna is the capital of Austria and known to have the best qualities and services of living worldwide.

You might be wondering: “Why should I travel to Vienna?” First of all, Vienna has mild and moderate climate, it has warm summers and cold winters and also follows all distinct seasons. This means it is one of the best places of the world that you should travel. Vienna is known for its imperial history, museums, night life and most of all, restaurants and their cafés. Vienna is also considered a city for romantic couples.

First is to find a place to barge in and leave your heavy loads. One of the best hotels in Vienna is the Hotel Pension Walzerstadt. This hotel is considered the best for their excellent service and rates which made them honed the title of being a 5-star hotel. They have a lot of clean and beautiful rooms with Vienna wallpapers around.

Getting hungry yet? Collwert restaurant, Lebenbauer is a place for you. This restaurant serves delicious vegetarian cuisines, some appetizers and desserts. Vienna has good numbers of cafés with good atmosphere and coziness located on the main streets of the city. A famous café in the city is called the Phil. This café has great service, modernized vintage motif, bright atmosphere, books and magazines donated by their fellow customers themselves.

It is nice to take a good walk after an express meal. First on the list is the Naschmarkt. Naschmarkt is an open-air market with fruits and vegetables, seafood, pasta, breads, cheeses provided by many countries around the world and spices with an exotic scent lingering in the air. This market got various products ranging from Vietnamese to Italian and Viennese to Indian, Arabic, and European food. It is nice to visit some arts shops where they sell cheap souvenirs like the Vienna wallpapers and some miniature statues and jars.

It’s getting dark and it is almost time to visit both lively and relaxing bars and nightclubs. One recommended nightclub is the Grelle Forelle. This club has a spacious bar, dim lights around, a wide dance floor with colorful light installations and very sparsely lighting. The club offers good quality service, updated music genres and a great moody atmosphere.

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Autumn foliage, Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria
Autumn foliage, Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria
Museum Of Natural History
Museum Of Natural History

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Majestic Schonbrunn Palace In Vienna Hdr HD Desktop Background
Majestic Schonbrunn Palace In Vienna Hdr HD Desktop Background

Vienna Wallpaper Vienna Wallpaper



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    One of the beautiful & well organised city I have ever visited & heard . It is place to live on old days .

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