This Self Sustaining 5 Room Hotel Is Made Out Of Shipping Containers

Artikul Architects, A Prague-based firm have combined two best things in the world, traveling and high-quality hotels, to come up with ContainHotel. It is a small yet elegant boutique hotel that is consists of three re-purposed shipping containers, but the best part is it can be easily disassembled and moved about to any location around the world!

Pic Credits: Artikul Architects

The hotel has a total of five rooms that can host up to 13 guests at a time. Four rooms have been aligned horizontally into a 40-foot high cube container that is held by two perpendicular 20-foot containers at the bottom. The ground level containers host washrooms, a technical room, one storeroom on one side and a four-bed guest room on the other side.

Pic Credits: Artikul Architects

While all the configuration might seem stuffy, the rooms are rather well lit and airy and have an exquisite interior clad in birch plywood and custom-made furniture. The rooms have large glass windows that provide adequate natural lighting for all of the rooms. All of the rooms lead to a shared balcony that provides scenic views of the surrounding nature.

Pic Credits: Artikul Architects

The container hotel is currently set in Treboutice, Czech Republic, and is completely self-sufficient and eco-friendly. It can easily be unmounted and reassembled in any other location. The building can also be connected to external power sources and has a well-designed reservoir that allows constant supply to the showers and sinks that are accompanied with water saving taps. The hotel also uses awning made out of wooden planks to save on heating and cooling costs and provide shade in the summer months.

Here are some more pictures of this astonishing design:


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