Scientists Manufacture Worlds First Indestructible Material That Cannot Be Cut

It was all made possible with the collaboration of UK’s Durham University and Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute that they came up with the manufacturing world’s first indestructible material. Consisting of only a 15 percent density of steel, it is much lighter and far stronger.

It will transform the manufacturing of gadgets such as armors and bike locks as it offers immense strength. Proteus consists of ceramic spheres in a cellular aluminum structure to resist grinders, drills with destructive vibrations that interrupts any tools to cut. The researchers took the idea from the hard skin materials for the creation of the Proteus design.

Due to its interatomic forces between the ceramic grains,” the power and energy of the drill are turned back on itself, and it is weakened and destroyed by its own attack.” The same goes for any other equipment trying to cut through proteus.

Stefan Szyniszewski, assistant Professor said, “Essentially cutting our material is like cutting through a jelly-filled with nuggets.”The material will have new excitement applicabilities in thousand of products ranging from safety to construction with maximum strengths.

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