New Zealand Is All Set To Test Long-Range Wireless Electric Power Transmission For The First Time

New Zealand is moving ahead in the future as one of its start-ups has developed a method of safely transmitting power without the use of wire or costly infrastructure. One of the attractive points of this power transmission method is that it can stretch in the distance the same as a human eye can sight. The start-up Emrod has collaborated with the country’s second-largest power distributors to implement the wireless power transmitting tech.

In the past, Tesla’s dream was to place enormous towers all over the world that could transmit power wirelessly to any point on the globe, powering homes, businesses, industries, and even giant electric ships on the ocean.

After Tesla’s long-held dream, a New Zealand company Emrod appears to have finally convinced a key power distributor to have developed the right method to turn it into reality. Powerco, the second-biggest distributor in New Zealand, is investing in Emrod, whose technology appears to be able to shift large amounts of electricity much more efficiently, between any two points that connect with line-of-sight relays.

The start-up mentioned one of the most significant gains would be providing electricity to the places in challenging terrains, where infrastructure construction is not that easy. It would be a turn over for people living in remote areas. Imagine how easy it would be to complete the maintenance work without power cutouts.

The start-up currently has a working prototype of its device. Still, it will build another for Powerco, with plans to deliver by October, then spend several months in lab testing before moving to a field trial. The prototype device will be capable of providing “only a few kilowatts” of power, but the same method can easily be scaled up.

The system uses a transmitting antenna, a series of relays, and a receiving rectenna. Its beams use the non-ionizing Industrial, Scientific and Medical band of the radio spectrum, including frequencies commonly used in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Power here is beamed directly between specific points, with no radiation around the beam, and a “low power laser safety curtain” immediately shuts down power transmission before any object, like a bird, drone, power thief, or helicopter, can touch the main beam.

Will bring you more information on what indeed would happen with this power-transmitting tech when we know.

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    Pathbreaking, revolutionary technology that will transform the power distribution into amazingly new technology frontier.

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