This Solar Roof Opens And Retracts Based On Sun Position

Photovoltaic Folding Roof Retracts And Opens Based On Sun

Over time, we have grown accustomed to solar panels being built on our roofs so that these panels may get maximum possible exposure to the sun. However, we have not seen a smart enough solar panel that would know when to open and close and to keep it cool down below. That’s where Kronberg and St. Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke (SAK) comes in with its photovoltaic folding roof.

Photovoltaic Folding Roof Retracts And Opens Based On Sun

Kronberg is a Switzerland-based company. The smart photovoltaic folding roof extends only when the sun is out and retracts when it starts getting cloudy. If you are planning to build solar panels for your home, then the photovoltaic folding roof could serve as an inspiration.

The company finalized the system during the spring of 2020. The roof with a size of 43,056 square feet covers the parking lot of the Kornbergbahn – the local cable car stop. This includes two electric-power filling stations, for the folding roof extends over the parking lot, which has a capacity of 150 cars. This system features 1,320 panels and is capable of generating 350,000 kWh yearly.

Photovoltaic Folding Roof Retracts And Opens Based On Sun

In an attempt to make a profit out of it and to carry out their business’ expansion, the companies are looking for investments. 330 of the panels are already being utilized by SAK and Kronbergbahn AG, while 660 more of them are most likely to be licensed soon to interested clients with a license agreement spanning over 15 years.

The advantages of this project were pitched to investors in different styles. The biggest benefit of this project, other than the long-term license, is that the system is capable of creating electricity using renewable sources entirely. The company allows anyone to use the panels, and they can also be delivered as a gift to a family member or a friend, regardless of whether they are individuals or private companies.

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