Samsung’s See-Through Truck Allows Cars To See What’s Ahead

truck back display screen

It is always risky to overtake an 18-wheeler cruising along a highway. The drivers are not so responsible, and then we can never fully see what is ahead of their gigantic bodies. Countless deadly traffic accidents are caused by these massive inland cargo carriers, and the death toll rises as traffic increases with time. Sooner or later, effective measures to deal with them will need to be adopted.

truck back display screen2

Samsung was the first to join the fray. It has now unveiled a see-through safety truck that allows us to see what is ahead of the truck on a screen installed at the back of the trailer. It was developed in Argentina, where this problem is particularly adverse. A man succumbs to a similar accident every hour, and that toll is mounting.

truck back display screen5 truck back display screen6

Live feed is captured from the front of the truck with the help of high-quality cameras and then it is transmitted to the back and shown on the big screen that is made up of four large monitors. These monitors are particularly useful in the dark when the motorist has no clue regarding what’s ahead of the trailer at all. The company wants to make further collaborations and partnerships to introduce this system to the world’s leading trailer fleets.

truck back display screen7 truck back display screen8 truck back display screen9

It is currently collaborating with Argentine company Ingematica to provide this envisioned safer life on the highways. The project is currently in prototyping stage, and it has been tested under controlled conditions by the engineering team. However, some issues remain, and they need to be resolved by the tech giant to make it a viable product. On a lighter note, it seems great entertainment too!

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