Balde Is World’s First 3D Printed Supercar

Blade 3-D printed car

3D printing technology is seeing a revolution these days with many part manufacturing now possible with the help of this additive manufacturing process rather than conventional subtractive ones. The astonishing number of engineered products now being produced by 3D printing show the future value of this wonderful engineering process. Whether it be Space X’s rockets or bikes, 3D printing is now being used everywhere. Now a supercar named Blade has been manufactured using rapid manufacturing processes, and it is also part of the green initiative.

Blade 3-D printed car2

The California-based company Divergent Microfactories has taken advantage of the rising interest in 3D printing, and it came up with this car. What is even more interesting is that they designed their technology for this specific purpose. The main idea behind the Blade is that there are plenty of environmental-friendly cars out there is the market, but their manufacturing chains and units make their production not environmentally friendly at all. Microfactories wants to change all this and in order to prove that, they have come up with this high-end car. They want to prove that the tech can be used to produce any stylish cars and style doesn’t have to be sacrificed to make green technologies work!

Blade 3-D printed car4

The company is determined to break free of the paradigms surrounding car manufacturing. Their supercar weighs lighter than any other similar type of a car while the finish and strength of its exterior are much better than that of conventionally made cars. The car is powered by a 700 hp dual fuel engine that runs on gasoline and compressed natural gas. The sports car can go from 0-60 mph in 2 seconds, so its performance is good too.

Blade 3-D printed car3

There is going to be a limited production of the car, and these numbers will hit the streets soon enough, but there has been no announcement from the company regarding the price tag. It is going to be considerable since 3D printing equipment and materials are both very expensive. The company is also interested in allowing other manufacturers to benefit from their 3D printing facilities and expertise. Something they won’t have to solicit anymore once the Blade is up and running on the streets.


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