Guy Throws Hot Water On His BMW. What Happens Next To The Car Colour Will Blow You Away

water on car

The internet is abuzz with the a BMW X6’s cool paint job that changes color to shocking green from regular blue. Although, for engineers, color changing abilities are perfectly normal, we would still like to investigate the reason behind the sudden change in color due to an immediate rise in temperature.

First of all, look at the video here:

First of all, the Hulk sculpture behind the color is visible even without the color, so the hot water doesn’t make any patterns on its own. Secondly, the impact is immediate and sudden and only occurs where the hot water has made direct contact. It is a good artwork from German graffiti specialist Rene Turek.  He simply has done a paint job with the standard chemicals, but the pigment that he as used is thermochromic. It means that it can change its color very quickly when exposed to high temperature. The artwork of the Hulk was made before the application of paint, and it just becomes more prominent with the exposure to such a bright color.
BMW X6 car color

I think it’s awesome, but we don’t have hot water everywhere to show it around unless we come across a geyser now and then! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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