A Hawaii Organization Is Converting These Old Buses Into Shelters For Homeless People

Bus Homeless2

The usage of buses and containers as temporary homes for the homeless people around the town has been pondered over for some time. In reality, it is harder than it looks. The people not only need living compartments, but also bathrooms, showers, garbage disposal and other necessary arrangements to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Group 70 International is an architectural firm in Hawaii that plans to renovate old buses to provide accommodation for the scores of homeless people in the popular tourist island.

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The primary aspect of these new shelters is that a large part of their construction is fold-away like Japanese mats. All of the materials and designs used are completely organic and biodegradable. When they started this project, they didn’t know that the new designs could help so many people out on the streets. Group 70 International wants it to be replicated across the tiny state as it can be installed and maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers. No extra skill is needed to make them nor special products required. You can just go to any hardware store, pick up the raw materials and get to work.

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A lot of rusty cabins of trucks and buses are dumped into junkyards each year where they remain and deteriorate further for several years more. It would be nice to see a real humanitarian usage for all these junk parts. Housing homeless people is one of the main headaches for city governments around the globe. This initiative presents a proper cost effective plan to work. We hope to see more of these shelters around the city to help accommodate the destitute.

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