Samsung’s New Galaxy S5 Will Be The Coolest Smartphone Ever

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Samsung is keeping us all busy with the hype which has been created for the design that Samsung’s new mobile, Galaxy S5, will come with.
Samsung-Galaxy-S51We have seen a teaser which was displayed on the official blog of Samsung and invitations were sent to journalists for the event that has been named ‘Samsung Unpacked’ at the Mobile World Congress show to be held in Barcelona this month.

Samsung Galaxy S5 2What we know so far is that the icons displayed are somewhat flat when it comes to design, remember the Apple’s iOS 7? Yes exactly, the new Samsung design is quite similar to that. The invitation which was sent included details of the event’s webcast. The list of applications includes a total of 9 apps; Curiosity, Outdoor, Fun, Speed, Style, Social, Fitness, Life and Privacy. The icons for these apps have been given different colors. The colors which have been employed are blue, red, green, purple and yellow.

The device still uses Touchwiz with some new tweaks. The tweaked version helps the Samsung devices stand out among other Android devices. The teaser gives us a bit of perspective on what Samsung is focusing on; Speed and privacy along with quenching the curiosity of its users by providing them with enhanced search options maybe.

VP Kwon Oh-hyn, said last November that the company is quite good at designing hardware but lacks expertise when it comes to development of software. It is being speculated that Samsung will also be making debut of a new version of Galaxy Gear watch in addition to GS5. This speculation is supported by the myriad of reference made to number 5 in the latest teaser by the company. There are also claims of a new and unique home-screen which will adapt itself according to the user’s activity or the user’s location.

We have already seen an image that is floating around the internet which shows us a screen that has a number of cards – Google Now much? – And helps us in understanding what Samsung might have up their sleeve. News which is being considered ‘leaked’ tells us that the gadget will be available in metal and in plastic. Other than that, it is being said that the mobile will come with a 5.25” screen, a bit larger than S4’s display. Furthermore, it will be employing iris to recognize the user (no need for passwords) and shall be the host to Snapdragon processor.

Samsung-Galaxy-S5The price tags for the metal and plastic version vary for obvious reasons with the metal one being at 800 Euros and the plastic one at 650 Euros. If there’s any truth in all that is being speculated and rumored, Samsung may have followed Apple’s lead which involved launching a plastic version iPhone; iPhone 5C along with the 5S last year.
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  1. shravan sharma Reply

    I won’t to know merits of galexy s5 and wow much current price in india

  2. Brad Reply

    One thing not mentioned in the video was the next iPhone is expected to have wireless battery charging which I think is a must due to poor battery life with the latest energy demanding smart phones (with bigger screens and higher resolution displays) and to stay competitive.
    Battery technology is the most archaic feature of smart phones these days, I wonder how much research is really being invested in improving this.
    I have an S4 Active which is water resistant (to approx 1m) and more shock proof, both I think great features.
    It also has a slightly bigger screen (5″ versus 4.99″)

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