Globoy Solar Night Light Could be the Cutest Gadget You Will Ever Own


Globoy Solar Night LightWho doesn’t like cute gadgets, especially the ones which are useful as well! Today’s post is about one such gadget which looks like a sentinel, one that is sleepy, at your windowsill but once you flip it over it will provide you with comforting warm light when its nighttime.

Globoy Solar Night Light 3The gadget, that you can get here, comes from Liz Dubois-FRED Studio and is solar powered gadget which is capable of running for 6 hrs on a full charge. So, all those who like to keep a light ON while they sleep, can cut down on the electricity bills by employing the Globoy and making use of it’s solar charged battery. It weight 0.6lb and other than working as your night lamp it adds to the style of your room.  Globoy is 6.5 inches tall and is available for ordering!

Globoy Solar Night Light 2In short, save electricity and make use of sun’s power while adding to your room’s style. You can buy globoy here.

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