Samsung Releases A Washing Machine That Can Be Controlled By Your Smartphone

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Doing the laundry is a tedious task and can be a burden on our hectic schedules. Making time to do a load of laundry and taking it out of the washer before it dries is an annoyance that has to be managed with other household chores. Luckily Samsung, has created a smart washing machine that can be easily controlled using an app on your smartphone.

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Called the WW9000, the smart washing machine is the world’s first appliance which allows users to start and stop a cycle from their smartphone, allowing them to perform other tasks while the machine handles the laundry. The machine has various features which allow it to handle the user’s laundry in a better way. A “super speed wash setting” washes clothes in under an hour by quickly filling the drum with water via the twin water supply. Another feature is the “auto optimal wash” option which uses the four sensors in the machine to determine the right wash cycle for a specified load by setting the temperature, wash time, rinse cycle and spin speed depending on the size of the load and how dirty it is. The machine also has intelligent setting to handle specific stains. All of the options can be handled via the onboard touchscreen.

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The ‘ecobubble’ feature saves energy by dissolving the detergent faster. It does this by sucking air in along with the water to create bubbles which help dissolve the detergent faster and saves energy. The WW9000 is set to go on sale in Europe this May but Samsung has not confirmed any price for the machine yet. Whatever the cost may be, many people will be willing to pay the expected hefty price tag due to the convenience that this machine offers.

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