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Samsung Unveils The New Galaxy Note 7 And You Can Unlock It With Your Eyes



Samsung’s new Note 7 was launched today at a samsung’s event. This new device looks a lot like Samsung’s previously released Note 5 and S 6 Edge+. Having a 5.7-inch screen and Quad HD resolution display, Note 7 will be giving tough competition to the 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus.

Samsung mentioned it skipped from Note 5 to Note 7 with the intention to “unify [its] product portfolio and minimize confusion.”


At first glance, Note 7 looks a lot like the 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge owing to its curved, waterproof body made of metal and glass including the latter’s features like “edge” panel of apps and the always-on display. But a closer look reveals that it has some new features like a waterproof stylus, a program that allows you to make your own GIFs and of course, the iris scanner that unlocks the phone with your eyes. Additionally, it comes in 4 colors: gold, silver, black and blue coral.



Iris Scanner:

This scanner is possibly the most popular feature offered by Note 7. This technology of biometric security has already been used by Alcatel, Fujitsu and ZTE. How does it work? Note 7 has an infrared camera that will scan your eyes using infrared rays emitted from the LED at the top of the phone.

You will hold your mobile at an arm’s length and the phone will indicate you how to position your eyes. The data from iris scan will then be encrypted and saved on the phone and you can use this feature to unlock your lock screen or any app you want.

Samsung says that it would be better to take off glasses and contact lenses during the iris scan because they cause difficulty in reading the data. In addition to the iris scanner, you can also use fingerprint or type your passcode for security as you will be accessing the iris scanner from the lock screen using your fingers anyway.

Credits: CNN Money


Secure Folder:

Phone manufacturing companies have been focusing more on security nowadays whether we talk about BlackBerry (BBRY and Tech30) or Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has also added a separate folder on its newest device reserved for sensitive files besides the iris scanner. This “Secure Folder” is fortified by Samsung’s KNOX security. You can also add an additional layer of protection by using iris scan, fingerprint or password.


Design and Storage:

The Note 7 is definitely an upgrade in body and design when we compare it with Note 5. Both the front and the back corners of the phone are curved. You might think what difference does it make? Well, it makes the Note 7 more comfortable to hold in hand. The Note 7, unlike its predecessors in Note and Edge, comes with 64 GB of expandable storage and 3500 mAh battery whereas Note 5 battery was 3000 mAh. See the video below:



When Note 5 was launched, it came with a live-streaming option through its camera. Samsung has the ability to incorporate digital trends in its devices and this year, Note 7 allows users to make their own GIFs instead of downloading extra software. You will simply take clips from either YouTube or your own videos and create and share GIFs through the “Smart Select” option in the S Pen stylus.


Waterproof Writing

Both the Note 7 and S Pen stylus are waterproof for about 30 minutes in about 5 feet deep water. This feature was first introduced by Samsung in Galaxy S7 Edge. This means that if you are swimming, you can write a note under water, send a text, or time yourself.

Credits: CNN Money


Availability and Price:

Samsung will be taking Pre-orders for the new Note 7 starting 3rd August and retailers will begin selling by the expected date of August 19. The pricing goes like:

So are you getting one? Let us know in the comments section below!

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