Galaxy Note Edge Debuts in US Today

Galaxy Note Edge Debuts in US3

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, yes the one with that display strip on the right hand side, is all set to debut today in USA. The name edge has been given to the device because of the curved smaller display located on the right side and works as an individual screen. This strip has its own menus, icons and functions.Galaxy Note Edge Debuts in US4

This side display is unique to this particular smartphone only and enables the user to receive notifications, check email, apps and do a lot of other stuff without causing interruption on the main screen. Users can also make use of stopwatch and a ruler on this side strip display.Galaxy Note Edge Debuts in US2

The design innovation is probably Samsung’s attempt at making its profits get back to the desired level after admitting that the profits last week were the lowest operating profits in a few years with a 74% reduction in 3rd quarter income from the last year. Owing to this blow, Samsung has vowed to revamp products starting at a fundamental level. Galaxy Note Edge comes with a high price tag; AT&T-$400 with a 2-year contract.Galaxy Note Edge Debuts in US

The good thing about the price is the fact that it is totally justified when you scrutinize the specifications of the phone. It comes with a Quad HD 5.6-in display and has a 16MP rear camera while sporting a 3.7MP front camera. Apart from all these fancy specs, the phone is the fastest charging gadget by Samsung so far and the battery is capable of charging up to 50% in 30 minutes while can last for a complete day on a 10% charge. The phone runs Android KitKat OS and will be available in black and white color.


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