New Samsung’s OTA Aims To Make The S7 And S7 Edge More Like The Note 7


After finally discontinuing the ill fated Note 7, and going to the desperation of offering $100 credit to their customers for returning the phone, Samsung has admitted that the release of Note 7 was the worst blunder in their company’s history.

While iPhone is now surely ruling the roost, Samsung has now made to move in a bid to keep up with the premium end of the cell phone market until they release their next flagship. And for that, they have released an over-the-air (OTA) update that updates the S7 and S7 Edge to some of the Note7’s features.

Some of the AOD features will include notification support for apps like Notes, enabling customizable clocks, accessing music information and being able to view photos from the gallery on the lock screen.

Samsung’s has also increased the efficiency of the phone with the AOD  and S7 and S7 plus now consume less than 1 percent of battery life per hour.

While many people have already received the updates, many are still waiting for it. It is also unclear whether this update will be applied worldwide or whether it is for a narrower spectrum.

This is Samsung’s attempt to keep their customer base relatively happy and clearly shows their desperate attempts towards hanging onto some sort of redemption. Rumors are that they will be releasing the S7 and S7 Edge with the new Blue Coral colour that was exclusively set for the Note7:

What are your thoughts on this new update? Will Samsung be able to salvage something this year? Comment below!

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