Samsung Files Patent For A Smartphone That Can Read Your Palm

Samsung Palm Reading

Even though the use of fingerprint sensor has increased a lot in smartphones these days, some of us still prefer to use the traditional password method to lock our phones. Remembering the password hints becomes a headache at times. Many of us have been locked out of our phones at least once when we couldn’t remember our password. And in this era of technology, our routine life paralyzes if we are locked out of our phone or laptop. To end this password forgetting misery, Samsung took another step in the technology and has filed a patent for a phone that will read your palm to give you password hints.

Samsung Palm Reading 1

Just like fingerprints, the lines in the palm of every person are also unique. The camera sensor will read the lines and will give password hint from it. It will not disclose the whole password but will reveal a little part of it. This way, it will guide you in the right direction and will help you remember the correct password.

Similar to face recognition technique, Samsung will need to use a depth-sensing camera to read the palm effectively. It will require a security check to avoid the revelation of password hints using palm pictures.

Since the patent has been recently filed, we are not sure if Samsung will include this feature in its new flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 or not. Samsung’s Research and Development Wing is really active when it comes to bringing innovation in their products. They have never disappointed their users so far with their face recognition, on-screen fingerprint sensing, improved battery life and now the new feature of reading the palm of hands as well. People who use fingerprint sensor or facial recognition may not use this feature much, but, it looks like traditional palmists are surely going to use this innovation in their business somehow.

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