Russian Man Builds A Church Completely Out Of Snow

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Were you not proud of making the perfect snowman last winters? Well, let us introduce you to a person who went way beyond perfection. Recently, a 41-year old Russian citizen Alexander Batyokhtin built a snow church in the Siberian village of Sosnovka in just six weeks. The 10-foot tall structure was made with 12 cubic meters of snow.


The village of Sosnovka had no church, no place of worship and no place for even celebrating Christmas. The closest point to the community was one in the city of Omsk, tens of kilometers away. This winter, Alexander gave the villagers a Christmas gift in the form of a church. After working on the construction plan for years; he had the perfect abilities to complete the project.

Right when the winters touched the village of Sosnovka, Alexander got to work. With solid plans and plenty of snow to work with, the foundations of the igloo church were laid. The structures incorporated all 12 arches symbolizing the 12 apostles. A church tower was also made along with a giant cross. The dedicated man worked every day for six weeks, even when the temperatures dropped below -22 degrees Celsius. He completed the church right in time for the Christmas holidays.

Source: Christian Today

The structure can fit only two to three people simultaneously, but the villagers were remarkably excited. They decorated it with icons and crosses brought from as far as Spain and Jerusalem. The church drew a lot of attention from far off places. The temporary structure stands alive to this day and is expected to last until spring.

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See how the church looks like from the inside.

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