8 Unusual Uses Of Hairspray That You Did Not Know Before

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Your hairspray has saved you thousands of times from bad hair days by taming the rebellious strands of your hair. The little can on your dressing table is equipped to save your day on so many other occasions that do not involve hairstyling.

Here are some hairspray hacks that you definitely need in life.

1. Remove Leather Stains

Got an ink stain on your favorite jacket? No problem. Just use a leather cleaner. Ran out of leather cleaner? Go grab your can of hairspray and spray on the stain. Leave for a while, the alcohol will dissolve the stain and you can rub gently with a cotton bud and tada! Clean jacket, good as new.

Source: Boredom Therapy

2. Thread a Needle

The hairspray won’t give you eyes to thread that itsy bitsy needle, but spraying a bit on the end of the thread will make it stiff enough to get through the hole without giving you a headache.

Source: Sew4Home

3. Preserve Chalkwork

Your child drew a cute little piece of artwork, of course, you are gonna save it. What if the drawing is chalk work on a sidewalk? Get your aerosol can and spray on the chalk work. It will prevent the drawing from dusting away.

Source: Little Red Window

4. Keep Flowers Fresh

You plucked and set those flowers in the vase with so much love, you can’t throw them away so soon. Keep them fresh longer by spraying them with hairspray. The flowers will also retain their color longer.

Source: eHow

5. Keep Balloons Inflated

You spent an arm and a leg on that party decor and oh it looks so pretty. You can keep it around for another week. Just spray your balloons with a little hairspray, they will stay inflated for a longer time.

Source: The Toasted Tomato

6. Artwork Anti-smudge

If paint and draw a lot, you must keep an artwork fixative with you. In case you ran out of it, the hairspray is a brilliant alternative. Spraying a bit on your painting will keep it from smudging.

Source: Jackson’s Art

7. Fixing Zipper

The favorite pair of jeans that you can not wear any longer because the zipper is loose? Turns out you can wear it after all. Just spray the zipper with hairspray and it will prevent the zip from slipping. This will last until you wash it again.

Source: Good To Know

8. Prevent Shoe Slipping

Your foot keeps slipping inside that classic pair of heels that you so love? Hairspray is your savior again, spray your heels or the inside of the shoe with hairspray and it will make the insides sticky enough to prevent slipping. If it is the sole that is slippery, a generous amount of hairspray layer on the sole will fix it too, but this will wash away in water.

Source: Boot Mood Foot

If you know of more tips and tricks, let us know in the comments.

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