15 Everyday Objects That You Can Use Differently

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Everything is designed for some particular purpose, but that way is not all for which it can be used. Here are some tips and tricks regarding the use of everyday objects which can make your life much easier.

1. Paper Towel

The paper towel is a life saver, everyday everywhere. However, you wouldn’t ever think of using it is for chilling your cold drinks, would you? If you want your drinks to cool faster, just wrap them in a wet paper towel.

Source: Imgur

2. Bathroom Mirror

You don’t need a whiteboard for keeping reminders with you all the time. You can use your bathroom mirror for this. Bonus point? You will never forget your task list as you will surely look into the mirror, no matter what.

Source: The Cozy Condo

3. Staple Remover

Oh! The agonizing pain of the key ring that sticks under your fingernails. Save yourself from the trouble and use a staple remover instead.

Source: Inforum

4. Keychain Can Opener

Your bottle opener shaped keychain has a slot, and this is not an ordinary one. The slots are in fact, used for opening cans.

Source: Reddit

5. Can Boxes

Yes, the boxes are made for keeping the cans, but you can make your life easier by using the same box for moving these cans into the fridge. Just open one side of the box, put on the shelf and pull the box away.

6. Coffee Cup Lids

You open your coffee cup lid and with every sip, the beverage spills all over. The solution to this issue is to open the tab of the lid inward for no spilling.

Source: Macleans

7. Fork

Yes, grabbing your food is what forks are made for but, you can also use them to balance your taco shells while you fill them.

8. Water

Drink water to keep yourself hydrated and microwave water to keep your food hydrated. When reheating something in the microwave that dries out quickly, just put a glass of water with it, and your food will stay moist.

Source: Food Hacks

9. Microwave Tip

Ever notices the middle of your food remains cold when microwaved, even when the rest of it is boiling? Well, if you did notice that you could perhaps consider not putting the food in the middle of your plate at all. Like this:

Source: The Light Media

10. Thaw Food Faster

If you are going to freeze food, especially something like ground meat, flatten it first so that it will thaw faster.

Source: In My Kitchen

11. Paper Chute for Pringles

It is annoying having to stick your hands down the Pringle can. Grab a paper, make a chute and never get your palm stuck in the can again.

Source: YouTube

12. Don’t Crush Your Bread

No one likes bread that’s half-withered. All you have to do is flip it on its back, and you won’t have a crushed top.

Source: PoMoFo

13. Pillow Cases

You put pillows in your pillow case, but if you just need to keep your linen set together, just put it in the pillow case. A pretty nifty organizer, right?

Source: A Scrap Book of Me

14. Chips Wrapper Bowl

If you don’t pour your chips out in a bowl; you have to get your hands messy by sticking them inside the packet. Just make a bowl out of the same packet, that way you don’t get your hands sticky, and you don’t have to wash a bowl.

Source: Food Hacks

15. Keep Sticky Notes Straight

The annoying curled up sticky notes? If you tear the sticky side off from one end to the other; you will find no curls.

Source: Reddit

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