Russian Artisans Create Game Of Thrones Iron Throne With 387 Metal Swords

Game of Thrones is one TV series that has been the craze around the world ever since it started. Even if you have not watched the show, courtesy of social media memes, you gotta be familiar with the iconic “Iron Throne” pictured in the series. In case you did not already know, the throne in the show is made out of plastic, so a team of Russian artisans got together to build one out of actual iron swords.

Source: VKontakte

The artisans from Blagoveshchensk spent three months to create the first ever real life version of the Iron Throne with real swords. The team included two blacksmiths, a welder, and a couple of artists, all belonging to the Association of Artisans of Blagoveshchensk and Amur Region. The throne used half a tonne of metal for forging 387 swords and a few dozen daggers together. Vadim Nikolayev, one of the people involved in the project explained in a video that some of the sword blades were hammered to form the exact shape of the iconic throne and then every piece was welded together.

Nikolayev has estimated the cost of the project to be around 500,000 rubles ($8,000). This included the cost of the materials, supplies, as well as the power used in forging them. Despite the high cost, the artisans were proud of the effort they put together to show the world the life and excitement of metal work, so young people could be attracted to learn the skill.

Source: VKontakte

The Blagoveshchensk public park displays the Iron Throne created by the artisans and tourists and visitors can take photos there. However, the pointy metal swords do pose a danger, and the throne will not remain there unsupervised for long. It is expected that it will either be moved to a mall or a local museum, but the team is planning to take it to the tour of major Russian cities including the capital Moscow.

Association of Artisans of Blagoveshchensk and Amur Region is preparing to apply for a Guinness Record as they claim the throne is one of a kind in the world. All of the other replicas, as they say, are not made of iron.

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