Build This Key Chain Sized Game Boy & You Will Be a Millionaire

You can get all the great games in the world with lit graphics, best customization options, on huge screens for the most gaming experience but most of us millennials grew up playing the Game Boy. If nothing more, this brings a wave of nostalgia and if I saw one now, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Source: Vincent Buso

Honestly, you do not have to buy one when you can build your own. YouTuber Vincent Buso uploaded a video that shows a Game Boy Advance SP shrunk down to a very portable Keychain size. This tiny gadget runs the ROMs using an Intel Edison chip, and the buttons have been dropped from four down to two.

Source: Vincent Buso

A project in the 2016 Hackaday superconference inspired the little Keymu with a gadget polished enough to let you play Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games. The developer has open sourced all the instructions you may need for building the Keymu yourself.

The first thing that popped in our minds was getting our hands on one of these gadgets. However, there is a good chance that an individual with enterprising mindset will get their hands on this, and figure out how to manufacture these at a reasonable cost and for all we know, these might be the new fidget spinners. Well, we mean as popular as the fidget spinners because obviously, the Game Boys are well above it.

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