20 DIY Objects Made From Recycled Car Parts

As a car guy, there’s no harder feeling than letting go of your beloved car when you finally realize that even 100 repairs aren’t enough to bring it back to life. But what if I tell you that you have a shot at making the car eternal? Thanks to these amazing DIY projects made out of used and discarded car parts, you will never have to say goodbye to your one true love!



1.  Fire Pit Made Out of a Wheel Rim

via DIY Joy

2. Turn Your Vintage Car Frame Into A Grill


via Hub Garage

3. Seat Belt Buckle Keychain

via Walyou

4. Mail Organizer out of Rusty Car Springs

via Hanna’s Charming Christmas

5. Use The Tire Rim As A Hose Reel

via Homestead Heroine

6. Use Suspension Pieces To Make Lamps

via Classified Moto

8. A Pool Table Out Of Mustang

via Car Pool Tables

9. Bar Stools Out Of Truck Shocks

via Home Decorating

10. Truck Bed Frame

via Hemmings Daily

11. Ramp Bar Stand Out Of A Vintage Car

via Strange Closets

12. Patriotic Truck Tail Gate Bench

via Etsy

13. Car Office Desk

via Daily Picks & Flicks

14. Lamp From Coil Spring

via Lumbering Behemoth’s Etsy

15. Room Interior From Vintage Car Hood And Traffic Lights

via Stamp til U Cramp

16. Gas Nozzle Faucets From Tire Sinks

via Imgur

17. Car Frame Sofa

via Dark Roasted Blend

18. Car Window And Door Handles Used As Drawer Pulls

via She Dreams Big

19. Formula One Exhaust Pipe Lamp

via Not on the High Street

20. Car Headlights Used As DIY Lighting

via FffFound

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