Fun Science Experiments You Can Do At Home Before The Weekend Ends

The school is all about learning, but that learning can become fun if you can try out the things you study in practical grounds. Reading from a book will never get you to learn a practical experiment. That is why, we have gathered some science experiments from the web that you can try in your spare time, and learn while enjoying yourself!

Make Elephant’s Toothpaste

Nope! Elephant’s do not brush their teeth, but Elephant’s toothpaste is a foam that looks like it. The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide rapidly produces oxygen which makes a foam that goes skyward at a fast pace. If you want the toothpaste to look more fun, add a little food color.

Make Hot Ice

When a liquid gets super-saturated with salt or sugar, it goes into an unstable state of rapid crystallization, when triggered. This unstable liquid state is called ‘hot ice’. The experiment uses baking soda, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol; you might have all of this at hand already. Go try it out!

Lorentz Force

Lorentz force is a basic high-school science; the combined effect of an electric and magnetic field on a point charge. With this video, you can learn how to make a simple motor from a battery using copper wire and a magnet. You won’t be doing anything useful with this motor, but you will get to observe Lorentz force up close.

Make Your Own Hovercraft

Yeah, that requires no rocket science, but it does require hovercraft science which is much simpler. This DIY hovercraft is not exactly the flying car you might have imagined, but it is kinda cool to have one with you. Watch this video and learn how to make it!

Make Milk Stones

Nope, this is not a dessert. You can make hard bio-plastic with milk using vinegar. When vinegar is added to the warm milk, it separates casein molecules from milk, leaving behind a clay kind of material that can be molded into any shape, and when it dries, it turns into a solid. This milk plastic was used to make pen and knife handles about a century ago.

Make Ferro-fluid

If you are into magnets, you would love to experiment with ferro-fluids that you can make yourself. Ferro-fluids are just the liquids with suspended magnetic metal particles. Learn how to make it, and play with it whenever you want. Stress relief, maybe?


Make a Pasta Rocket

Nothing is more fun than fireworks and explosives, dangerous though, but there are ways of doing it safely, at least on a small scale. You can make your own hybrid rocket engine, but you do not need solid fuel or oxidizer. You can do it by using pasta, mouthwash, and yeast only. You cannot aim for space with this one, but it sure is a hell lot of fun than you imagine!

Did you try out any of these? How did it work out for you? Do you have more ideas to explore science at home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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