Russia Says Its Doomsday Plane Can Now Communicate With Its Deep Sea Submarines


Russian military officials claim that a successful test of the Il-80’s deep-sea communication system has been conducted. It allows Russian aircraft to connect with deep-sea nuclear submarines in the event of a nuclear war. The Il-80 “Flying Kremlin” has successfully communicated with Russian nuclear submarines located deep underwater. It used ultra-long wave signals, allowing the Russian president to communicate and coordinate Russian military activity in the event of a nuclear conflict.

The Flying Kremlin is an advanced technology that can maintain stable communications from the air and below its surface, with the Russian president having the capability to send its commands remotely. It also means that if Moscow and the Kremlin are unreachable, there is still a way to launch its weapons of mass destruction at its enemies.

Russia’s military and technological developments still see advancements despite the massive US restrictions imposed against the country, especially as this ban prevents them from accessing relevant tech for their needs. Despite all this, it still has a goal to create 1,000 aircraft from the country’s resources by 2030 and no longer requires help from other countries.

The country’s tight restrictions on accessing technologies from other countries are due to its conflict with Ukraine, which Russia uses against its neighbor to execute its plans to invade it. Still, there are fears regarding Russia resorting to nuclear weapons to further its cause against Ukraine amidst this war, as US President Joe Biden has given warnings regarding this in the past.

The Ilyushin II-80 will be replaced by more advanced Ilyushin 96-400Ms, making it easier for the Russian President to oversee Russian troops and missiles during a nuclear war. Ria Novosti reported last year that Russia is working on two new Doomsday planes to carry the country’s senior military and political leaders in the event of a nuclear assault. The Il-96-400M is an upgraded version of the long-range, wide-body civilian jetliner Il-96. An Il-96 variant currently serves as President Vladimir Putin’s preferred mode of air travel, similar to the Air Force One of the United States. According to reports, both Russian planes will be remodeled at the Voronezh Aircraft Production Association’s aviation assembly plant. While the first plane is now being built, it is not expected to be ready for use anytime soon.


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