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Russia Is Building Fallout Shelters And Warning The Nation Of A Potential Nuclear Strike By The US

Did you catch the presidential debate last night? Did you notice how much time did the candidates spend discussing Russia?  The recently surfaced reports indicate that the former Soviet Union is preparing itself for an imminent war.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has suggested converting the huge under-construction stadium, on the outskirts of the St Petersburg, into a nuclear shelter.


Image Source: Kate Brady/Flickr


The Ministry issued the letter to Zenit Arena, the stadium being built for the World Cup 2018. The managers of the Zenit Arena have been ordered to construct an emergency shelter. Experts say that it is just one of the ways in which the Russian leaders are trying to force a nuclear war.


Image Source: Kate Brady/Flickr


The letter says that the future stadium lies in the ‘zone of war destruction and radiation fallout’ in case a nuclear war breaks out. The state TV has repeatedly warned the public about the imminent nuclear threat from the US. Video tours of the atomic bomb shelters are aired on a regular basis, and the residents are advised to remember the location of the nearest fallout chamber.


Image Source: NTV


Recently, a large-scale drill was conducted in the country in which more than 40 million people participated. The Russian leaders believe that the threats of the nuclear war will loom ever closer if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election.


Image Source: Maxim Shemetov / Reuters


Most of the international analysts have discarded the Russian claims. They reckon that Kremlin is using the age-old tactic of trying to control its people through fear mongering.