This YouTuber Went Inside The Deadliest Area Of Chernobyl – The Nuclear Sarcophagus


In a damning exclusive report, this Youtuber, Kylie Hill, along with a team of nuclear scientists and engineers, made their way to the New Safe Confinement (NSC) “sarcophagus” at the life-threatening Chornobyl nuclear plant in October 2021. This challenging visit just before the Russia-Ukraine war has really been an exception, but the Youtuber got some momentary sights there. You might have been aware of the Chernobyl disaster that happened in 1986 and caused large-scale destruction due to the release of radiations. For this reason, it has been considered one of the worst disasters in the history of mankind.

Hence, amid the Russia-Ukraine war, there is an ongoing threat of what could possibly go wrong in the conflict of acquiring this nuclear shelter. Unfortunately, the Russian armed forces already got their hands on this nuclear power plant at the beginning of this year. They forcibly entered the plant, making the employees keep working there at gunpoint so that they continue to perform their daily tasks on the systems there. As already mentioned, the site is really hazardous for human beings due to the imminent threat of being exposed to radiation, and due to this, the Russian forces could no longer get along with this well and left the premises.

They ran away from the plant after suffering from radiation poisoning, which is unbearable for human beings. The Youtuber said in the video, β€œIt’s a nuclear tomb to shelter the corpse of Chernobyl for a target of 100 years.” Moreover, the NSC is much larger than the Statue of Liberty and can also accommodate the Roman Coliseum inside it easily. It should be noted that access to NSC is not that easy as it requires permission from several authorities inside the plant. There are also checkpoints, radiation meters, and protective gears incorporated at different locations inside the plant for protection against deadly radiations.

Hill was also equipped with a radiation meter, and when his meter beeped, he said; “The ambient radiation rate is over 100 times higher than almost anywhere else in the [Chernobyl Exclusionary Zone].” Not only this, the visitors are usually instructed to leave the premises as soon as possible when there is an expected rate of radiation seeming to be met with the threshold. To get more insight into the visit, watch the video embedded above!


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