Russia Introduces A New Nuclear Submarine In To Service


Russia has revealed a new gigantic new nuclear submarine and it has been named as K-560 Severodvinsk. The interesting thing about the name is that it is named after the the Russian city Severodvinsk. The submarine had to undergo several trials in the sea for almost 3 years before its launch.

Severodvinsk nuclear submarines

nuclear submarinesAdmiral Chirkov has stated that the submarine would be shifted to the Northern Fleet by the end of this year.  “We will build as many as we need to defend the motherland,” he said at the occasion of launching ceremony  on Tuesday. 

nuclear submarineThe submarine comes with the length of 393 feet and possesses the top speed of 35 knots. The submarine falls in the class of Yasen-nuclear vessels. It is equipped with advanced Sonar system. The submarine has the capability of diving up to 600 feet depth. It comes with a new generation nuclear reactor. 

Russia's latest submarineThe list of armory of this submarine makes it one of its kind. It includes  torpedoes, two different types of cruise missile, a surface-to-air missile and drones. These  drones have been termed as ” Military Robots”, which can be controlled by 90 crew members . 32 out of these 90 crew members will be officers, which makes us think that the armory present on the submarine is technologically pretty advanced.  The submarine will also have the facility of carrying mines. 

-submarine-russiaRussia is trying to compete with America when it comes to naval might and It is being said that Russia intends to build five more of these submarines. America leads the race with 21-Virginia class submarines already in the armory. Russian submarines are technologically advanced too but less in number. We hope that this doesn’t start another arms race between the two super powers.


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