DARPA Working On A New Suit For Soldiers That Will Allow Them To Run A Mile In 4 Minutes

DARPA Warrior Web 5

Human body is just like a machine and what happens to a machine when it is subjected to over load? You don’t need to have a PhD degree to answer that because it is quite simple; the machine will wear and tear faster with a high possibility of breaking down in the process. The problem in this comparison is that for regular machines, you can simply take out the damaged part and replace it but with human body you can’t do that. Currently, most of the soldiers that are discharged due to medical reasons in US military have musculoskeletal injuries. In simple words, soldiers are exposed to over load physically. DARPA is currently working on something that will cater to soldiers’ needs and shall work to reduce the stress and strain that is imparted to their bodies.DARPA Warrior Web 3

DARPA Warrior Web 4The project has been named as ‘Warrior Web’ and revolves around a lightweight suit that will support body muscles and tissues. The suit is supposed to be worn under the uniform and will allow the soldier to move easily and freely while making use of his/her own muscles. The suit’s more ambitious goal is the idea that it will be able to ascertain if the soldier is suffering and then shall delegate more strength and support to the injured area. This technology is not only aimed at battlefield but also for firefighters, police and the injured veterans as well.DARPA Warrior Web 2

Another ambitious goal being tackled by DARPA via this project is to supplement the solider with enough auxiliary muscle power so that the soldier is capable to run a four-minute mile. According to the research study; the suit will be compatible with 90% of users (both female and male). The suit requires only a 100W power that is provided via a small battery.

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