DARPA To Develop A Wall That Can Be Instantly Deployed From A Metal Can In Seconds

Instant Wall by DARPA - BlockADE2

We all know how DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is on the lookout for new and emerging technologies that it can incorporate into the defense of US. We have so far seen robotic suits, brain implants and what not. However, what most of you might not be aware of is the fact that DARPA invites public for giving new ideas that are futuristic. Recently DARPA has announced an exciting news that it is looking for ideas related to an instant wall that can be activated via a spray can.Instant Wall by DARPA - BlockADE

The project has been named ‘Block Access to Deny Entry’ (BlockADE) and basically what DARPA has in mind is something along the lines of a particular type of polymer, foam or some other material which is capable of being compressed and then placed inside a can that has a diameter of 11 inches and a length of 78 inches. As per DARPA’s requirements, the can should be capable of holding about 300 pounds material and upon release of this material, a solid wall should be built that is capable of withstanding any human attack. The wall will not only be able to survive brute human force but other stuff such as axe, saw, shovel and bullet.Instant Wall by DARPA - BlockADE3 Instant Wall by DARPA - BlockADE5

The immediate uses of BlockADE include instant securing of an area, cordoning off a restricted site, to keep people out or in a particular enclosure. In short we are looking for something that can be used as an instant wall. These could also be used to provide shelter when it comes to natural disaster survivors.Instant Wall by DARPA - BlockADE4

Any of you who has something informative to add or a valuable idea are encouraged to share their ideas with DARPA on its website.

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