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Robo Washer Can Wash And Dry Hands While Recycling The Water Again And Again

Robo Washer Revolution Washes Hands And Uses Water Filtration Technology 2

The Robo-Washer by Donal Vitez was introduced last year as a gadget that was an all-in-one hand washing and drying device. Back then it was merely a prototype and therefore, was rather rudimentary. Now, the revised Robo-Washer has been introduced that is capable of handling washing and drying apart from recycling the water that it makes use of after each cycle.

This version has been named as Robo-Washer Revolution and it comes with new and improved machine features that are based around a more refined design along with a uniform stainless steel body from top to bottom. The best upgrade, however, is this machine’s capability of ditching the soap and washing hands by making use of antibacterial water. Following each use, the gadget is capable of filtering and disinfecting this water for the next set of grubby paws to be washed in. The end result, as per claims of Vitez, is hospital-grade hygiene.

The company has come a long way from just coming up with means of providing a contact-free approach to cleaning your hands for use after using bathroom and is now addressing water wastage. As per Vitez, a conventional sink has about 17 gallons of water going down its drain each day. He further hopes that this recycling technology inside the Robo-Wash Revolution shall also find its uses in dishwashers, showers, drinking fountains and washing machines. No price has been released so far, however, according to Vitez, the gadget will pay for itself within a year.