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New Gadget By Apple Will Stop Drivers from Texting

Anti Texting Apple 4

While we totally agree to the fact that technology has made our lives so much easier, we also sadly agree to the fact that we abuse it without much consideration. Take for instance, the dilemma of smartphones.
No doubt that smartphones have made our lives easier and keeps us connected to the world. However, the use of smartphone while driving can be lethal; to the driver and to those who are in the vicinity.

Seeing this rising trend and the implications that follow, Apple decided to come up a small device, which would not allow drivers to send messages. Apple has applied for a patent that entails a system that will be able to gain access to an iPhone’s sms application while the user is driving. Speed detection and analysis will be carried out by the sensors installed in the phone and this would allow for differentiating between driver and passengers.

Why was this system necessary in the first place? Because one can easily slip from the law since you can use mobile phones while driving without making it obvious. So the patent application talks about a mechanism, which when developed will lockout the capability of texting or any other function as deemed necessary. Apple is also working on a device that can be installed in the car and will block the phone signals.

The head of Motoring policy for the AA, Paul Watters, said; ‘Apple could have the power to change the culture behind texting and driving, if it works and is intuitive. That would be a very good step.’ He further added that according to a research carried out by AA, texting is a sort of addiction and due to this addiction, as per a study by Brake – road safety charity, the risk of crashing has increased 23 times and the driver’s reaction is slowed down by more than a third. Check out the video below for more details: