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This Handmade Mountain Finder Device Will Make You Hike To Switzerland

Pic Credits: Reddit

It might not be as tech-savvy and advanced as Google Maps, but this handmade mountain finder device has an irresistible charm of its own. It’s simple, elegant, and works very well. This mountain “binoculars” is placed in a geographically strategic point so that each one of its numerous pipes can be used to view a mountain.

Image Credits: Reddit

Mountain labels are also affixed on the tubes that help to enhance the experience. In case you are lost in the woods on a trip to Switzerland, this trusted device will help you out even in the absence of Google Maps or any technical failure. It might also act as a background musical instrument on a windy day in the mountains.

If you see some giant spiders on the mountains, it is probably a good idea to step away and clean the tube.

Image Credits: Reddit

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